How to Use a Stapler Sewing Machine In Easy Steps

Stapler sewing machines are fun to use, and they are handy. Here is a simple way to get started on using your stapler sewing machine in a few steps. Check out for more advanced machines.

Hand-held stapler sewing machines are convenient because they are light and portable. They are perfect for fixing hems in an emergency. They get you the perfect stitches you need every time without having to get yourself to your full-size sewing machine which may not always be possible.

Forget the frustration of having to thread a needle when all you need is a quick repair to get out of the house and be on your way to work or school. These hand-held sewing machines are also great for crafts or to get decorations like custom-made tablecloths ready for a holiday party or other occasion.

use a stapler sewing machine for quilting

To use it you need to hold it correctly. Put the bottom of the sewing machine in the four fingers of the right hand. Your thumb will rest naturally on top of the machine. Hold it tightly.

If it needs new thread, just put the bobbin next to the needle. Thread it through the needle with the threader. Next, lift the cloth plate with your forefinger and put the cloth between it and the fastening plate.

Press the top of the stapler and allow the machine to go up and down across the area of fabric you need to sew. You will have your hem, tablecloth or cuff sewn in a few seconds.

Your machine should come with a nut that you can also adjust to get the stitch just right. If the needle needs replacing, you will need to use a small screwdriver to loosen the set screw first. Remove that and the needle comes out and allows you to replace it.

There are many different uses for the staple sewer. It can go with you wherever you travel. It is perfect to take to work. It does the job of fixing hems or cuffs and anything else where a piece of fabric has torn and needs to be fixed in a hurry.

You can make lots of great fabric crafts with the stapler machine. It is easy to move around different shapes of fabric like circles or rectangles. You can use it with a variety of fabrics.

Add a ruffle to a homemade shirt or placemat. Add a trim to your new homemade skirt. There is nothing that you cannot do with this handy gadget. It is perfect for the person who enjoys crafts.

For the person who cannot sew by hand, it is the best tool to have for fixing clothes in a hurry. No one wants to go to work with a suit jacket that is frayed or a hem to a dress that has come undone. Hem clothing and keep up with trends easily with the stapler sewing machine.

It is easy to use this handy sewing machine. Just place it in one hand and press to get the stitches that you need.